Police in Bangladesh murdered four people when they opened fire with a bunch of protesters that had been calling for the implementation of a Hindu guy accused of submitting remarks criticizing the Prophet Mohammed. But a first investigation by the authorities disclosed the attackers, who then blackmailed they had hacked Biplop Chandra Baddya’s Facebook accounts. On Monday, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called for calm; however, the episode once more highlights a growing issue in the nation where networking was used to foment spiritual violence. When Biplop’s accounts posted incendiary comments criticizing the Prophet Mohammed, the incident began. 235) or not threatening to article blasphemous remarks to his Facebook page.

Police in Bhola, the largest island of the Hackear Facebook country, stated they could identify two individuals involved in the hack of their Facebook account instantly Friday evening, and detained them. “We’ve all information regarding this Facebook hacking,” Sarkar Md Kaiser, superintendent of police in Bhola informed the Daily Star. Although this Biplop was detained at his house Friday night. He had been arrested throughout the day long, and on Monday that he had been charged with dispersing messages Islam underneath the Digital Security Act. Since the posts lasted to be shared as screenshots via messaging programs anger among the community — that makes up 90 percent of the inhabitants of Bangladesh climbed over the weekend. The home of the man was burnt along with a dozen additional buildings that were vandalized.


Mature authorities and spiritual leaders met to call for calm, but 20,000 Muslims exhibited to involve the implementation of this 25-year-old Hindu guy. As a few of the demonstrators began throwing stones at police 19, initially peaceful, the demonstration shortly turned violent. The officers barricaded themselves in a compound that was nearby, however, the protesters tried to break down the door, together with the police. A police official in the Barisal Range, AKM Ehsanullah, Bangladesh, told CNN. This had not worked although the authorities had originally attempted to disperse the crown together pellet guns. “Our heads could have been defeated with bricks. If they can get inside, we’d have died,” Ehsanullah additional. Back in 2012, Muslim extremists put on fire several Buddhist monasteries after fake Facebook accounts of a Buddhist youth published a post.