One Skirt with Over 100 Ways To Wear – Try A Vintage Silk Sari Wrap Skirt

One Skirt with Over 100 Ways To Wear - Try A Vintage Silk Sari Wrap Skirt

Imagine possessing one skirt that you can put on in over one hundred different means! Just how functional would that be in your closet. You would only need three or four of them in various colors and also you would have a various look daily of the year. A vintage silk sari wrap skirt is simply such a functional wardrobe addition. The waistband straps extend past the size of the 2 skirts stitched with each other for even more connecting and covering options. The slimmer you are the more skirt there is to wrap around.

These skirts are also suitable for maternity clothes providing a flexible wardrobe addition that could be used blog post child as well. A number of the designs for wearing are specifically matched to ‘over the bump’ styles making them comfortable for the full nine months. Each skirt is one-of-a-kind meaning no 2 are the same. They are offered in various sizes or even large sizes too. I locate that the long length is much more functional as both a skirt, dress as well as cape. The is completely relatively easy to fix to give rather merely a longer size cover skirt and afterward the very same length but with double layers. There are 3 eyelets/buttonholes stitched right into the waistband so you could pass the bands with for tying or even tuck in layers to create lovely drape impacts as well as a layered appearance.


One Skirt with Over 100 Ways To Wear - Try A Vintage Silk Sari Wrap Skirt


The skirts are made under reasonable profession problems in India as well as all are real vintage silk saris. All skirts are a minimum of 80% silk (20% polyester) numerous are 100% silk!

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