Perfecting the Options of Spiritual Growth

Perfecting the Options of Spiritual Growth

When do we have access to the spiritual growth? There is no precise age, as we are biologically unequal. The gaps are widening depending on intercurrent pathologies, especially lifestyle hygiene, addictions and finally according to the goodwill of genetic data.

Statistically, old age settles in you at the earliest at 75 years, the life expectancy never ceases to lengthen, like a setting sun that refuses to complete its race and disappear. When you know how to grow spiritually then you can be sure that you can have the best results.

To grieve is to enter into the time of grief

That of the health, including in the ideal situation of a harmonious normal aging hypoacousis and progressive deafness, fall of the vision, diffuse osteoarthritis painful and freezing our joints, anemic difficulties, insidious cognitive disorders, cardiac insufficiency etc without describing the innumerable cohort of associated pathologies.

This is the time of visits to the cemetery, with his relatives, brothers, sisters, friends. Isolation and loneliness strengthen.

Gradually, the dependency settles.We drive less and less, then no more. It is difficult to manage current affairs like shopping, housekeeping, bills and we no longer make his decision alone. If the tutorship is not established, it becomes in fact child, person of trust.

The intellectual and mental capacities, well before a dementia, decrease appreciably, situation leading to a loss of autonomy, with corollaries the self-folding, the chronic depression including a suicidal risk to be evaluated are accompanied a painful feeling of worthlessness, a disinvestment of one’s interests, the person concentrating on one’s health and functional symptoms.

What attitude to consider?Perfecting the Options of Spiritual Growth

It is urgent to invent, to build a real life project, yes, even at 95. It’s easy to say maybe.

Is there a slice of life in the purest styles of the “Quiet Long River”, free from pain and suffering? It is not easy to be a child.It is very disturbing to go through adolescence, anxiety to break off moorings and to enter adulthood. Well, as we age, we come up against an unprecedented demand for adaptation.

It’s time for the sudden emergence of a central, unique question, what is the meaning of my life? What does my current existence mean, when I am reclusive in my room, in a retirement home, moving in the corridors with a walker?

There is another path, a bit steep, of resetting one’s ability to love and bear fruit in abundance.These perspectives are innumerable and very personalized.

Identify three priority and very broad axes:

Write the story of my life, because it is a holy story (we only see the Holy Spirit from behind), handwritten writing or through a tape recording or better through interviews successive practice that is developing. It is a precious and unique testimony, with a general aspect, and a more intimate, familial one. I think of the generation of my parents who has known two world wars. It is essential to tell the story, inevitably eventful, of his family and thus constitute exploitable archives, telling events, setting an era. It will be necessary to classify letters, to identify photographs, to authenticate stories.