Rocket League Scam, Fake ESL Play Tournament Links!

BEWARE: Fake ESL and Rocket League scam, tournament hyperlinks play! BEWARE: Fake ESL play championship links! A buddy of mine that RL and I have been enjoying with for many decades messaged me asking if I wished to play within an ESL championship game. I informed him I’d play and he mailed me a link to the ESL signup. This is a scam which sees balances attempt to scam people around this account buddies list. It cost me some rocket league items and thankfully my accounts were recovered because of a high volume of reports, although I learned my lesson. DO NOT open or hope some other ESL play connections delivered to you personally by anyone on your friend’s list. This can be a scam that is decent that is real and remarkably sneaky, and everybody needs to be mindful of it. This is not new, it has been happening for several a long times.

Edit: I’m certain you will see at least 2 other articles like this just 27, if you filter out new and scroll down a little. Edit send an account in through the true rocket league site. Albeit commerce locked you can get your things back. The posts I could find about this scam would be from February of this past year, and I found plenty of folks have been publishing about it lately, so I think it is getting more common at the moment. That’s exactly what I meant when I said and I left the post due to the influx of individuals being influenced by it myself included, also because it is an especially scam Rocket League Items. Trying to keep folks secure and informed. After I got phished from just 6 niches when I was brand new to PC I don’t click on any connection regardless of what. Do not use that one to log in on, if it’s not showing you logged in.

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