Vulcan welder review – ProTIG 165 Vulcan

Vulcan welder review - ProTIG 165 Vulcan

The Vulcan welder is a welding machine and nowadays there are many types of machines are available on the market like Arc welding transformers, welding rectifiers, MIG or Mag Co2 Machine of Welding, Spot welding machine, TIG Argon machine for welding, ERE(Electroplating Rectifier Equipment) and Step-up Transformers and Pneumatic Spot Machine for welding. These are all the Vulcan welding machine and all are should manufacturing and confirming to under IS and incorporate with new technology developments and controls with higher quality and performance.

The Harbor Freight tools consist the welding supplies and welding equipment. If you are a novice or experienced welder, this Harbor Freight tool helps more to your project If you are working on amotorcycle on the garage, you require more welding suppliers and welders.

ProTIG 165 Vulcan Welder

It is a professional class of TIG welder and which weighs around 20 lbs and it is creating anidealforfieldwork. It manufactured performance and dependability in mind, and it provides you the ability to perform high-frequency performance and lift start.

Product Features

Here we discuss about the vulcan welder review

  1. It Has Dual voltage – 120/2240 V input
  2. It has anautosense feature and it provides you the flexibility to weld whenever you need and anywhere you need.
  3. The ProTIG 165 has some processes like SMAW(DC), GTAW-P(DC) and GTAW(DC), there are many types of materials like theferrous cast, chrome-moly and stainless materials.
  4. It is a good choice for process piping, onsite maintenance, and is created by Industry leading portability.
  5. The inverter technology provides the maximum efficiency and high-quality output. It built-in pulsing for minimizing heat distortion and improve a travel speed.
  6. The DC Stick and DC TIG have a single source of power, it provides ultimate versatility. And also, it has the power cords of 120 V and 240 V.


Vulcan welder review - ProTIG 165 Vulcan

  • It used in light industrial applications like:
  • Process Piping
  • On-site Maintenance
  • Aerospace
  • Food or BeverageIndustry
  • Automotive, etc.